Meet Tom! - 2/18/21

Meet Tiny Tom! Sometimes we adopt a dog and they are happy to know everyone they come in contact with. Sometimes they’re not. Just like humanity, they are entitled to pick their friends, too. Dogs with high-energy will, often, be accepted by other pups with the same enthusiasm for life and it’s usually a great match. However, pups that are of a timid persona may prefer a dog with a calmer demeanor. Just as there is no right, or wrong, when we make these choices for ourselves, there isn’t for our companion pets, either.

Tom is a Basenji-mix and is small guy. With a history of living on the streets, for several months, he has developed some trust issues. He loves the ladies but it appears men may not have treated him kindly. He gets along with dogs his size, and smaller, but big dogs scare him. We believe a quieter home with calm energy will enable Tom to heal and put his insecurities behind him. It’s a process to help a pup heal but the reward is immeasurable!

Might you have room in your heart, and home, for Tom? Don’t delay … you can become Tom’s hero today! Call 234-706-5501 to adopt.