Bart! - 3/4/21

Meet Bart ... Bart is “proof -positive” that you will find absolutely every kind of dog in the shelters. Bart is a purebred Shih Tzu and, clearly, is/was very loved. With his clean coat, and his professionally coiffed hair, you can see he’s a loved guy - and somebody must be missing him. 

Our first goal would be to get this information out into the community and get him back home with his rightful owners. But, if they don’t come for him, we suggest you make an appointment by calling 330-643-2845 and set up a meet and greet with Bart. The 72 hours is always respected for the owner to come forward but, sadly, many times people do not know how to find their pets and their pet-parents never come for them. Don’t delay … inquire about sweet Bart, today.