Gizmo! - Rescue of the Week 5/20/21

Meet Gizmo! This handsome guy was brought into Summit County Animal Control just one week ago. Found in the Norton area, we were sure his owner would be coming for him.  Awaiting the arrival of his family, it never happened. After 72 hours, this young boy became eligible for adoption and now wants to return to home life. 

Gizmo is thought to be a rough-coat collie mix breed boy and is full of personality - and some energy, too. Containment will be “key” to keeping him safe as he now knows there’s a big world out there to explore and may be inclined to go on an adventure once again. Interested in adopting sweet Gizmo? Call Pay it Forward for Pets 330.643.2845 and make an appointment for a “meet and greet.” He might just be your next best friend!