Hillary! - Rescue of the Week 6/24/21

Did you know that black dogs and cats wait an extra long period of time when in shelters? Yep, it’s true! Photographs don’t always capture the kindness in their eyes, therefore, photo illustration is not always the best marketing for black pets. Hillary is suffering from “black dog syndrome” and has been here far too long, for no reason at all, because she’s perfection!

Look at this little 30 pound pumpkin! She’s thought to be a Lab-mix with, maybe, based on her speckled markings, a bit of German shorthair Pointer??? We have no clue about what her mix-breed, truly, is but we know she’s 30 pounds of cute. Showing her vulnerability, Hillary will roll over and offer you her belly, she doesn’t mind other dogs and she’s walks really well on a leash.

She’s a loving and kind dog and deserves to go home. Might she be going home with you? Contact Pay it Forward for Pets today!