Jack - 8/26/21

Gotta love a Beagle … and, this organization does! Jack is one year of age and a purebred beagle. Full of wiggles and love, this young boy is seeking a new home, and family. Once having lived with small children that grab and pinch, he has decided that older children would be best. Families that teach their children to respect the space of a pup will always have a wonderful outcome. Always remember, pups only have their teeth, and will vocalize with a growl, when feeling threatened or being hurt so that’s what they default to - if pushed to that point. Luckily, Jack’s family was responsible to this adorable dog and got him out of the situation. He’s never failed and we never want him to fail. Do you have the right home for Jack? If so, don’t delay… Text 330-760-0763, today!